RONPAULRADIO has seen several iterations since it was first created. in the early 2000's. was an independently owned and operated grassroots project and was not endorsed by the Ron Paul 2012 campaign for President. The views and opinions expressed on did not necessarily reflect or represent the views of the Ron Paul 2012 campaign.

Content is from the site's 2012 archived pages offering a brief glimpse of what this site offered its visitors.


About Us is a grassroots web based streaming radio and multimedia site dedicated to educating the public at large about Ron Paul, his historic campaign for the Presidency of the United States, and a bit more on his positions and how they can work for working Americans. Whether you are talking about monetary policy, the wars, civil liberties, prohibition or true constitutional conservatism, you can find a broader conversation on those topics here.

This domain name has a long, and sometimes rocky, history in the liberty movement. Going back to 2007, the domain has been in action. Operated by DJ Lioti among others back in those days, the domain was eventually lost to domain squatters several years ago. Now in 2012, a whole NEW team has come together to rescue the domain name and once again put it back into the service of the R3VOLution. Moving forward under new management, is determined to focus on the future with fresh programming and committed determination so that we can help promote the candidacy of Dr.Paul, and more importantly, the ideas which are defining a generation.

Our goals are simple. Stay on message, broadcast good quality information on a solid platform and distribute our stream as widely as possible. With this in mind, we are constantly improving the broadcast platform by both establishing solid standards and conventions as well as committing ourselves toward innovation in the field. Of course this is only possible with the support of our listenership, which continues to grow every day that we are on the air, and who assists us daily with bug reports and the most useful feedback a management team could ask for. Combined, we represent a direct challenge to the dominance of the mainstream media which has become such an obstacle against populist movements. And we pledge to tell the untold story. There are no blackouts here.

A word about Hank and Corey, your management team here at We are both Ron Paul supporters since 2007 when we operated one of the largest pro-RP groups online at Myspace with almost 20k member profiles and hundreds of daily posters. Hank has been into online radio since 2005, Corey since 2008, in both a radio hosting and management capacity. Both are Christians and small L libertarians. Corey is a college student studying Electronic Media Production and a web developer, libertarian activist and media entrepreneur. Hank is a recent larynx cancer survivor in recovery, liberty activist, musician and small business owner. Both out of Ohio. Corey is up in Kent, Hank down in Dayton city. Having worked together for about 5 years and managing a number of web based media projects, they are now committed to making everything it always should have been. A bastion for liberty online and on the air.

Finally, a shout out of great thanks to Remy Roberts whose coding skills have helped us keep things live and running in the face of small disasters and technical glitches. Remy is a well known developer and cloud consultant for Salesforce Community services. She's been a Salesforce consultant for the past 5 years, freelancing for various agencies, assisting users of the crm management tools customize and tweak the standard software to be more adaptable to specific needs. Her SEO connections have really helped us get our message out via Google search results. She brought search performance consultant Bob Sakayama of TNG/Earthling fame onboard and improved our audience metrics significantly simply by ranking our natural keywords very high in the search results. Remy has also developed our online marketing outreach efforts.



AntiWar Radio

Scott Horton is the assistant editor for and host of Antiwar Radio for the Liberty Radio Network, KAOS Radio 95.9 FM in Austin, Texas, KUCR 88.3 FM in Riverside, California and KPFK 90.7 FM Pacifica in Los Angeles, California.

Homepage URL: on ALL TIMES EASTERN STANDARD Monday 12-3pm, Tuesday 12-3pm, Wednesday 12-3pm, Thursday 12-3pm and Friday 12-3pm.


Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: These topics are the focus of this fun and sometimes funny look at today's headlines from the perspective of Mr. E.! Sam Ettaro has been an internet and digital media entrepreneur, activist and teacher for over 20 years. A dedicated family man, high school teacher and community activist, Ettaro explores the issues that matter including environment, GMOs, fracking, education, foreign policy, the rise of the police state,to digital media activism to spiritual pursuits and the great cosmic comedy to canning and organic gardening...and more. The format of this show is fluid, but the focus is not. It's about learning and sharing. The exchange of ideas and passion for America's core principles of personal liberty and responsibility.

Special guests, biting commentary and vibrant listener call segments make for an up-beat week-in review news show from Paulite perspective.

Homepage URL:

Free Humanitarian with Katharine Memole

Americans are bombarded daily with news coverage of scandal and tragedy as the media vie for advertising dollars. Our economy is in bad shape and most are feeling the pinch. Not surprisingly, fear has taken the political reigns. Is it any wonder that a candidate who advocates for personal responsibility, small government and an all around cutting of the cord confuses and frightens a large segment of the electorate?

Join me at 9pm on Wednesday evenings for a down to earth exploration of our current political system and its real world ramifications. We’ll also compare current and proposed policies with Ron Paul’s platform to discern what kind of legislation and leadership is truly compatible with our best interests and those of our local and global neighbors.

Your host, Katharine Memole has been part of the Ron Paul Re[vol]ution since 2007. She was Project Manager of the Ron Paul Blimp and featured in the grassroots documentary; For Liberty: How the Ron Paul Revolution Watered the Withered Tree of Liberty. Her current grassroots involvement focuses largely on educational projects and fundraising.



Free-State Update with Sovereign Curtis

Sovereign Curtis was bitten by the liberty bug back in 2007 after watching some conspiracy movie (about the Federal Reserve/IRS). This lead him to the Ron Paul Revolution and the philosophy of liberty. Tooling around the internet one day he found and instantly fell in love. He joined Operation: Live Free or Die in late 2007, quit his job, sold his crap and drove north with no delay. He spent the next two months knocking doors 10 hours a day, six days a week, spreading the good word of Dr Paul. A disappointing showing (8%) temporarily blunted his enthusiasm, but not for long. He then went on to campaign in South Carolina and Atlanta, GA, finally calling it quits after Super Tuesday. In 2009 he heard the siren song of PorcFest and jumped on a train with his then gf and her parents. Bringing just three bags he stuck around (cause all the cool people move during PorcFest) and made his way to Keene, NH where all young activists go to get over themselves. Finally making his way to the mecca of NH liberty activism (Manchester, NH) he found his home and preferred community. Now he reports for as to the going ons of The Porcupines!

Homepage URL:

Freedom Files with James Burns

James Burns started out his young adult life a Diehard Republican Stool Penguin; he voted for George W. Bush in 2000, campaigned, supported and voted for only Republican Candidates until shortly after the Iraqi Invasion in 2003. Like so many Americans, James believed the Bush Administrations reasons for us going to war with Iraq; WMD’s and Saddam’s alleged ties to Al Qaida, all of which turned out to be false. The death and destruction carried out in Iraq over nothing, but lies left James disillusioned; not only with President Bush, but also with the Republican Party which had played a huge role in the passage of the USA Patriot Act, Department of Homeland Security and many other erosions of our Freedoms and Liberties at home.

From 2004 until 2007 James Burns had become a Libertarian who believed in The Constitution and Bill of Rights, but lost faith in finding any Presidential Candidate worthy of his support. Then one night, while watching “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” a Congressman from Texas would cure his apathy and ever since, James has been a proud Ron Paul Supporter. In 2009 James officially launched “Freedom Files with James Burns” as a Web Show, Podcast and a Radio Show on American Freedom Radio from February 2010 – August 2011. The experience James gained while working in the radio industry from 2000-2005, mostly on Rock Stations, along with his lifelong love and passion for Talk Radio as well as being an avid supporter of Doctor Ron Paul, Freedom, Liberty, The Constitution and Bill of Rights makes James yet another valued member of the Ron Paul Radio family.

Homepage URL:
on ALL TIMES EASTERN STANDARD Monday 10pm-Tuesday 12am, Tuesday 10pm-Wednesday 12am, Wednesday 10pm-Thursday 12am and Thursday 10pm-Friday 12am.

Freedom Fried with John Jay Myers and Jarrod Atkinson

Libertarian/anti-war activist John Jay Myers and Jarrod Atkinson Republican Austrian economist take on the current issues of the day from a libertarian perspective. 2-3 Monday through Friday.

Homepage URL:
on ALL TIMES EASTERN STANDARD Monday 3-4pm, Tuesday 3-4pm, Wednesday 3-4pm, Thursday 3-4pm and Friday 3-4pm.

Latest Audio from the Ron Paul 2012 Podcast

This website and podcast is run by an independent activist for liberty and a supporter of Congressman Ron Paul. I am in no way paid by, affiliated with, or connected to Dr. Paul or the campaign to re-elect him. Dr. Paul can be reached through his congressional offices or by contacting his congressional campaign. Links to all his websites can be found at Written by JT Williams. August 2011. All statements are my own, not endorsed or approved by Ron Paul, or the campaign to re-elect him. Join OUR rEVOLution!

Homepage URL:
on ALL TIMES EASTERN STANDARD Sunday 1am-2pm, Sunday 9pm-Monday 9am, Tuesday 12-9am, Wednesday 12-9am, Thursday 12-9am, Friday 12-9am, Friday 10pm-Saturday 9am and Saturday 1-5pm.

Left Behind with Nathan Trace

Ron Paul home grown –{ Blue Republican }-- dialog for that classical P’ progressive mind. We are the 99% that's 199% 2012 committed to Ron Paul for President! Right? Left? Too big to fail? No! Too fail to be big and we're taking a stand. No more war! No more unjust profits over people. A staunch consumer advocate, protector of freedom, defender of rights, and guardian of our true democratic republic. We heart him, because he hearts us! Join us every week as we graph love onto the Re{love}alution movement with callers, chatters, interviews, and daily lamestream media breakdowns. Join the fight and help evolve our societal ideas for this great and wonderful man.

Homepage URL:
on ALL TIMES EASTERN STANDARD Saturday 10am-12pm.

Our Voice: We live in a time of mass economic illiteracy and mass monetary delusion.

The Illiteracy: The public is taught that they can live off of one another’s income and labor and, if they are only vocal enough, they have the right to appropriate – to take – from those that may have more or from those they think have more.

The Delusion: We have been taught – and it is reinforced everyday in the media and by politicians - the poisonous lie that we can get something for nothing.

The public has not been taught how Ethics, Natural Law, Private Property and Sound Money are pillars that support a more peaceful and harmoniously cooperative world.

Our Voice, your voice, will help educate the public to understand that Economics is two things that can - and needs to be - learned by all:

1. The understanding of the management of the resources and stuff of life, and
2. The understanding of our Human Ecology, our Human Environment

We all have a choice to cooperate in harmony with others – or not.

Homepage URL:
on ALL TIMES EASTERN STANDARD Monday 10-11am, Tuesday 10-11am, Wednesday 10-11am, Thursday 10-11am, Friday 10-11am and Friday 9-10pm.

Roots Radio with Duane Taylor

Roots Radio is Grassroots at its finest. Hosted by Duane Taylor from Eugene Oregon, which is one of the most Progressive areas of our Nation and a hub for protesting everything. Supporting the conservative view and breaking down the Two Party lie. They both take turns destroying the Constitution. Neither represents what they say they do. Duane will help you understand why we need to join and change the parties. Taking his cues from Dr.Paul himself, Duane was convinced to join in the political process and change the parties from the inside out. Duane encourages others to get involved and find out firsthand what is going on in your own cities and counties. We need to quit the hate and embrace what we all have in common. Toss out the mainstream media and check out Duane’s West coast wisdom. Together we will help bring America back to the Constitution that made us the most prosperous nation the world has ever seen.



Saturday Night Freedom Fight


Super Tuesday Supershow

Dr. Bill Greene, State Co-Coordinator of the grassroots Georgia for Ron Paul campaign, hosts the "Super Tuesday Supershow," a weekly look at the 11-state, March 6 GOP nominating contest known as Super Tuesday. While Georgia -- an "open primary" State with 76 delegates that are distributed proportionally -- is the largest prize of the evening, there are plenty more opportunities for Paul to pick up a boatload of additional delegates, including 4 more caucus States.


The Angel Clark Show

Angel Clark is a talk radio host, a blogger, an activist and lover of Liberty.

Angel writes for numerous sites including,, and her own personal website or on

She focuses on economics and civil liberties.

She has appeared on CNN as well as other televised news sources. Her writings have been featured in both local and national avenues. She has been interviewed by numerous talk show hosts over the years. She has been a guest speaker at Tea Party rallies and has interviewed hundreds of guest including presidential candidates.

Angel is on Monday through Friday from 7-9 pm EST.

You can also catch Angel on LRN.FM.

Homepage URL:
on ALL TIMES EASTERN STANDARD Monday 5-7pm, Tuesday 5-7pm, Wednesday 5-7pm, Thursday 5-7pm and Friday 5-7pm.

The Diggs Show

The Diggs Show, hosted by Jake Digman and co-hosted by Nicholas Burdohan, is an ever evolving broadcast focusing on all things from life to liberty and everything that is our world. The Diggs Show brings guests from variety of a backgrounds and political ideals to one place for intelligent discussions on the issues that we face as a liberty enriched society. Jake Digman has a 7 year background in the broadcast industry having previously been heard on Fox Sports Radio, WELW 1330AM, SportsTime Ohio, internationally on GTV, and appearing in the Academy Award nominated motion picture Warrior. Jake has been a vocal supporter of the liberty campaign and the Ron Paul Revolution since 2008. Nicholas Burdohan is Executive Committee Chair,, an activist in some capacity in the liberty movement since 2004. He is also a father, husband, and small business entrepreneur, as well as the former producer/host of the NEOLiberty Infobomb podcast.

The Independent Bacon

Hey there. The name is Evan Rogers. On 'The Independent Bacon', we'll be looking through the recent news of the past week and analyzing it for your benefit through the eyes of a liberty-loving American. Did something in the news sound border-line ridiculous? Well, don't worry. On the Independent Bacon, we'll take the news and see how it relates with the history of these United States; we'll look to see if what our government has done, or what our politicians have been demanding, has been Constitutional; and we'll be checking to make sure that it all makes economic sense. In case you've been hesitant - as I was - to take the jump into learning Austrian Economics, this show just might be a good place to start. You'll become familiar with such scary sounding theories such as 'marginal utility', “the regression theorem”, and the “Austrian Business Cycle Theory.” In case you can't quote any part of the Constitution from memory, but you really wish you could, you might just pick up a few good quotes. We'll go through some of the history of the Constitution as it applies to the week's news. And in case you're wondering what your fore fathers might of thought about the recent headlines, but you can't remember which side of individual liberty Madison, Jefferson, or Hamilton was on, then you just might learn a thing or two about American history. Hope to see you there, bright and early, on The Independent Bacon.



The John and Tom show

Welcome to the John and Tom show! Every Sunday Night at 8PM Eastern your Southern friends John Morlan and Tom Utley wrap up the top stories of the week from the perspective of a couple of liberty-loving Paulites. With an ever-growing knowledge of the principles of a free society we provide perspective, insight, and a little bit of humor to the things that you'll be talking about around the water cooler on Monday.


The Liberty Lighthouse Project with Alan Pyeatt

Join your host, Alan Pyeatt, as we shine a guiding light through the fog of current events. The men and women who developed our philosophy of limited government gave us a way to chart a course through the stormy seas of danger to the safe harbor of peace, prosperity, and freedom. Every week, we will examine current issues and events from the perspective of natural law, individual rights, and justice for all.

The Maymin Show

A father-son team. Two Ph.D.'s. Two former hedge
fund portfolio managers. Two authors. Two finance scholars. Direct descendants of Maimonides. Tackling the deepest questions of liberty.
on ALL TIMES EASTERN STANDARD Monday 9-10am, Tuesday 9-10am, Wednesday 9-10am and Thursday 9-10am.

Thinking Freedom with Marc

Thinking Freedom is the resource for the members of the liberty movement, featuring contemplative music programming, interviews, commentary, positive suggestion, activist training and phone-in discussions live and in the chat room.

"The Therapist of the Freedom Movement" will help you with techniques for reaching out to and communicating with Americans who have not yet awakened to the need for maximum liberty. The change all we seek must be created with positive one-on-one discourse with the people you come in contact with every day. You are the message.

But just as important is your own attitude, energy and enjoyment of the process of rebuilding the nation our founders imagined. Via your live call-ins and feedback, will learn to align your own thoughts and emotions to make you the best advocate of freedom you can be.

You are the ambassadors of liberty and Dr. Paul's message: Learn how to deliver that message and find your place in history. Join us Saturday at 9 ET.

To The Point with Amanda Parsons

There is no doubt that Ron Paul stands for freedom for all Americans. What does this specifically mean for women? To the Point discusses topics pertaining to Ron Paul and the issues his campaign revolves around, but shares them through the eyes of a female's perspective. We discuss all issues relating to Ron Paul, but seek to find the issues that mean the most to the women who believe in his cause.

Tune in every Sunday at 4pm. And callers are welcome with their point of view on To The Point.

truePATRIOTS with Thomas Madison

Thomas Madison is a small business owner in the Heartland of America. Located in the steel producing area of Northwest Indiana on the rim of Chicago, Thomas Madison brings out the patriotic heart mixed with a Chicagoan vibe. If you love your liberty, then you will love this show. He envisions a new future with the internet holding the new era of objective journalism. Thomas Madison hopes to replant the idea of liberty one mind at a time.
on ALL TIMES EASTERN STANDARD Monday 11am-12pm, Tuesday 11am-12pm, Wednesday 11am-12pm, Thursday 11am-12pm and Friday 11am-12pm.

Up to Date with George Wolf

I first heard about Ron Paul back in 2007, when someone in an online game I was playing had the name "RON PAUL 2012". Since then, a supporter said it best when he held the sign with the words; "Ron Paul cured my apathy".

It's been almost 5 years since I got really got into politics, and I have become much more aware of everything wrong with our government. Before Paul, the only opinion I had about the U.S. was based on what comedians occasionally referenced or had material on. Because of how bad the economy has gotten, I started getting really involved. I would say the moment that got the ball rolling is when I went to Occupy L.A. There were some passionate Ron Paul supporters there that got me even more into the political game. I learned everything about the corruption, the warmongering, and of course the federal reserve and our monetary policy.

After that I started extensively studying the history of the Middle East and U.S. involvement. Eventually my days consisted of checking the Liberty Forums, browsing political message boards, typing in "Ron Paul, today" in youtube every few hours, and on my couch watching MSNBC, CNN, or Fox.

One day I came across a link to in the forums, one thing led to another and now I come on every week to share my thoughts and opinions on everything happening with Paul throughout the week. So in case you can't spend as much time as I do keeping up to date with everything, be sure to set aside an hour to join me every Saturday at 7p.m on



Latest News Circa 2012

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Latest Foreign Policy News

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  • U.S. lawmakers' meeting sets back Obama's Afghan agenda





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